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Lose weight and cultivate an extraordinary life experience, beyond diet & exercise.
Ottawa’s Top Personal Trainer & Weight Loss Coach.
What is LIFE?
What is my purpose?
Who am I?
These just may be the ultimate questions of the human experience.

Although the answers may be a bit too heavy to process, one thing is for sure, there is much more to life than worrying about your weight, following strict diets and forcing yourself into mindless exercise.  At Fat Loss Solutions Inc. (FLS) my fundamental believe is that there is much more to you and your life experience than dieting and exercising. Life is too short to live on the treadmill and to count calories.

You have the right to enjoy life and be happy with yourself! And my unique perspective on weight loss will help you do just that!

My coaching philosophy is one that encourages you to build
self-sustaining and lasting results.  You will attain the necessary skills
and gain the self-confidence you need to lead a life of abundance and
prosperity beyond your weight issues. You will no longer need to look for
motivation outside of self, or co-depend on ‘trainers’, ‘coaches’, and ‘gurus’.
You will discover the strength within.

At FLS you won’t simply be subjected to diet and exercise. Instead, you will learn how to use these tools in your life to help you build a sturdy foundation upon which you can assemble and sculpt the life of your dreams, beyond your weight loss goals.  It’s not about how strong, fast, flexible or fit you are.  It’s about leading a life that fulfills you in many ways, while at the same time attaining your desired physique, and this is what you will achieve at FLS.

FLS offers top-notch private coaching specializing in helping you free yourself of excess weight and improve your quality of life. FLS allows for one-on-one client-coach participation to ensure exclusive attention on YOU! No more gym memberships, no more waiting in line for the machines, no more boring workouts.  FLS studio is designed to fit YOUR unique and individual needs, while serving as a private sanctuary of body and mind; where Zen meets Samurai warrior.

No one may ever know what our exact purpose in life is and I don’t claim to have the answers, but through my coaching process, many FLS participants discover answers to their life’s most profound questions, all while building themselves and their bodies up from the inside out!

FLS Mission

At FLS I aim to ensure your LONG TERM SUCCESS – weight loss
that will be SUSTAINED, instead of focusing on short lived ‘results’
that are never maintained!

From: Ruslan Kedik


Meet Ruslan

about fls pic About FLSI’m an Ottawa based Personal Trainer and Wellness Expert specializing in Permanent Weight Loss. I have nearly a decade of experience helping local Ottawa residence transform their bodies and their lives.

I’m probably the only Personal Trainer around that considers such concepts as exercise, fitness and diet to be inane and eroding. Part of my philosophy endorses the gift of life beyond diet & exercise. Life is to be experienced, expressed and explored, ‘optimal’ health should not be the ultimate goal of one’s LIFE experience but rather an effortless external reflection of their inner being.

In light of the success that I’ve had with all my clients and academic background in holistic nutrition, in the mids of my personal training career, I found myself in a similar situation that many other people are facing today.

Being one of the top trainers in the Ottawa area and knowing everything (or at least a lot) there is to know about training, nutrition and healthy living, I had completely lost control over my own body and ended up tipping the scale at nearly 300lbs! On top of this I was also battling some serious food and body image issues, which eventually lead to a state of depression.

Having gone through this struggle and resolving my own issues, doesn’t necessarily qualify me to coach people, but it does provide me with some great insights and understanding as to what you’re going through right now.

It SUCKS, I know!

My personal experience has led me to realize that the solution to weight loss is NOT in diet or exercise per se. Remember, I knew a lot more than the average person about the ins and outs of weight loss, and I still found myself struggling and sabotaging my well intended efforts.

It was through this experience that I was able to develop a very unique and effective coaching philosophy that has helped many people transform themselves.

The truth is, the very essence behind what I do has nothing to do with health, fitness or wellness. They just happen to be the vehicles I have chosen (in some ways they have chose me) to teach people how they can get more out of themselves and enrich their life experience as human beings. My intention is not to turn people into fitness enthusiasts but is rather to use fitness as a metaphor for LIFE.

My Mission in LIFE

My Mission and Purpose in LIFE is to help you Live Yours!.

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