Q: How will my FLS experience be different from other personal trainers in Ottawa?

A: I’m typically the second or third personal trainer in Ottawa that my clients have worked with, but I usually turn out to be their last.
I believe that such concepts as diet, exercise, health and fitness are meaningless (especially when accompanied by a faulty mindset). Life is too short to spend stressing over exercising and dieting; instead, we should be engaging in life and living it to the fullest. That’s why I endorse the Experience of Life Beyond Diet & Exercise, while losing weight and living at your best.

Most Ottawa personal trainers put all of their emphasis on diet and exercise, such tactics only imprison one rather than liberate them and add value to their life. In my humble opinion attaining optimal HEALTH should not be an objective one’s life but a mere effortless external expression of one’s inner state of being.

Instead of putting all the emphasis on diet, exercise, health, changing habits – I will meet you where you’re at and will not subject you to a system or try to persuade you into living a life in accordance to my values. You will discover these things for yourself as the coaching process unfolds and experience life beyond diet & exercise all while losing weight and improving your HEALTH!

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Q: How much do you charge?

A: Fees vary and are determined on various factors such as your level of commitment, duration of the program, number of sessions per week you’re willing to commit too, time of day you chose to train at, etc.

As you can see, in order to provide you with a precise fee structure, I would need to know about your current weight loss goals, your past experiences, your level of commitment, medical history, etc. Only after taking these factors into account, would I be able to give you a properly prescribed plan of action and its associated costs.

Many people fall into the trap of making a decision to hire a fitness professional based on price. This is a dangerous path since not all service providers have the same successful track record or the same approach to weight loss. FLS services should be considered not as a cost but as an investment into your body, your health and ultimately your LIFE.

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Q: Do you accept credit cards and how do people pay you for your services?

A: Yes, FLS studio uses a third party billing system, which is equipped with accepting credit card payments.
You will be billed automatically on monthly basis over the course of the year or the duration of your program.
Personalized payment plans are also available and can be discussed upon your request.

Q: What does the studio/gym look like and where is it located?

A: FLS studio is located in my primary residence, in the west end of Ottawa – Kanata Lakes area. It is a private, tranquil and motivating environment, where the focus is tuned solely to you and your needs. The studio has all the fundamental tools to help you achieve your desired results.

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Q: What should I expect when I first get started?

A: No two sessions are ever the same, your personal story will dictate where we need to get started. It is common for me to begin with the necessary assessments of your current state of being, including physical movement screens, flexibility tests, mental/habitual analysis, emotional/self awareness study, etc. Much of this depends on the individual and is always determined on a case-by-case basis.

As I observe and collect data, I will then conduct a progressive tailor-made exercise program as well as equip you with your optimum lifestyle and nutrition strategies to ensure your long-term success. From then on your program will evolve accordingly, as you continue to grown physically, mental and emotionally.

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Q: What type of weight loss results should I anticipate?

A: Because I don’t slot you into a ‘cookie cutter system’, there is no exact formula for results. Outcomes vary from person to person – I’ve had people drop up to 40lbs of fat in 4 months time and others losing the same amount of weight in 12+ months. However you are guaranteed to see results in your physique.

Expect to also see a shift in other areas of your life apart from physical transformation. Career changes, going back to school, and other major life altering experiences happened to my clients as part of their highly motivating and encouraging coaching experience at FLS on top of their weight loss results.

Q: Where Are You Located?

A: FLS is located in Kanata Lakes area, 5 minutes north off of 417 Terry Fox Exit.

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