Aaron J's Story

Ottawa Personal Trainer Client Success Story

I had initially hired Ruslan to help me rehab my terrible back pain, I wasn’t getting better with conventional doctors and the chiropractor just wasn’t helping either.  It was a nightmare, my back problem kept me out of my every day routine and I was miserable because of it. At the time I was also leading an unhealthy lifestyle which had left me 30lbs overweight. Ruslan gradually got me back into being able to do the things I love to do through the application of smart strength training, optimal nutrition and a virtue of patience.

He also inspired and life coached me in many other ways which has help me in my every day tasks and obligations. I have since lost over the 30lbs, gained muscle and my athleticism in hockey and golf has improved immensely. I would have to say what I have learned with Ruslan has changed how I live my life; I would recommend his services to anyone who is inspired to reach new heights in life.

He is by far the best trainer in Ottawa and years ahead of others in the way he thinks and coaches people. God brought me to Ruslan through a back injury and I thank Him every day for doing so.