Agnieszka G's Story

Ottawa Personal Trainer – Weight Loss Client Success Story

Weight loss seemed impossible, after many failed attempts of dieting and exercising on my own. A constant loosing battle which had left me emotionally, spiritually and physically drained. I knew that I needed to get the weight off, and that I couldn’t go on as I had been. This is when I had decided to seek out a trainer and found Ruslan.

He seemed to have had a good understanding of what I was going through and didn’t leave anything out. Not only did we train hard and address my nutrition, he also helped me overcome my emotional eating triggers. A few months into the program I had started to notice that the weight had just started melting off me. The best thing is, I was leading a lifestyle that was fun. I had always feared working with a trainer. But my experience was very fulfilling and enlightening. I never felt like I was on a ‘diet’ and I enjoyed my time working out.
I am extremely happy with my experience at FLS and my results. I highly recommend Ruslan and his services to anyone who’s serious about losing weight the ‘right’ way. He is the best Personal Trainer in Ottawa, hands down!

E-mail that we had received from Agnieszka:

Ruslan I want to thank you for getting me to the size that I am now. You have no idea how shocked my family was when they picked me up at the airport today! It’s been a while since they’ve seen me last, they remember me at my 200lbs and didn’t expect to see the new me. (I can’t wait to see the rest of my family). My uncle couldn’t stop talking about how good I look! I can’t express how good this feels. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!