Chris M's Story

After a successful semi pro career in football, I found myself on crutches after my reconstructive ACL surgery. I was in need for some professional assistance.  This is when I hired Ruslan.  I knew that with his experience and knowledge base I would be back in action in no time.

I was assessed by Ruslan and put through a movement screen which had revealed a few faulty movement patters in my body.  Ruslan was able to figure out why my knee gave and why I had back and shoulder issues.  This was somewhat of a great news, I now knew what I needed to work on in order to make a quick recovery and get back up on my feet.
When I came in to see Ruslan I told him what I wanted. I didn’t just want to improve my body I also was In need to getting back to playing the sport that I love. My transformation started in the kitchen and finally happened in the gym. After several weeks of hard work and with an installment of new eating habits wheels started to turn.  My physical appearance started to change and with corrective exercises for rehab purposes I was also able to return to playing football pain-free.

Ruslan made sure that I was always progressing in my rehab and with my body composition goals.  I am forever grateful for Ruslans hard work and expertise as he has lead me in the right direction so that I can do it on my own. I would recommend Ruslan to anyone who is looking to get back into shape, lose weight or just be able to get past an injury that has halted them from doing what they love.