Fred's Story

Yup, sure believed I was still in good shape. Well, reasonable anyway – for a man my age! After all, I still walked several kilometres each day, and worked around the house. And, I had been active and exercised in the past – you know, jogging, some weight lifting, swimming, etc. For sure my good fitness must have kept up with me.

But, perhaps it was only an elusion. Or was that, delusion?

Anyway, that was a year or so ago, at the ripe old age of 65. Plagued then with some added pounds (well ok, maybe 20 or 25), bad knees (I had trouble getting up from the floor and swinging my left leg into the car), stooping shoulders (too much time in front of a computer) and dire warnings from my Doctor (creeping hypertension), I still felt “ok”. I mean, after all I “kept active”, ate well (or so I thought), and we do after all deteriorate somewhat with age. And, our metabolism normally slows down as we progress along; so they say. Right?

Well, then true realization came about. Returning from three weeks of sailing in the Caribbean, where I felt for certain I’d shed some weight and whip myself into shape, I was shocked to discover: even more accumulated weight (too many rum punches); a somewhat larger spare tire (even strutted along the beach with it); and, blood pressure soaring to ever greater and dangerous heights. So, desperate for my former shape and condition, I finally decided to search for a fitness professional who would best fit my needs and who had a proven track record. I needed a true professional, dedicated, committed and fun to be around with.

Well, fortunately for me, I stumbled upon Ruslan’s web site, I signed up with him and the rest was history. Ruslan took the time to address my individual problems and designed routines that suited. Under his guidance I learned about proper nutrition, and how it is a major part of being in good shape. Training with free weights, aerobics and interval training soon dissolved the pounds and got me back in shape. Specific exercises even eliminated my knee and shoulder problems. Here I was certain I had somehow injured my knees in the past or worse, had arthritis. Never had I realized that lack of proper exercise, or only doing a single exercise (walking) alone, could create muscle imbalances and skeletal problems.

After a year plus under his tutelage, I’m now on my own, confident in my knowledge of effective exercise routines, proper strength training (weights) techniques and good nutrition. I’ve learned that one’s metabolism does not have to slow with age – it only does so because we allow it. Indeed, through proper eating habits and nutrition, varied weight training routines, aerobics and interval training, you can rev your metabolism beyond what it was years ago, and have it work to your advantage. As a result, I’ve lost 25 to 30 lbs of fat, gained muscle mass and definition improved my body composition and lowered my blood pressure to normal levels. Even my Chiropractor has commented favorably on my improved posture, muscle tone and reduced need for spinal corrections. I feel great and I believe, look better.

I now look at some of my acquaintances and wonder why they don’t do the same. Yes, it takes determination and hard work, but no-one has to let their body disintegrate and “grow old gracefully”. You don’t have to live with those extra pounds nor the typical modern-day diseases we self-inflict on our bodies. I’m now convinced that with exercise and good nutrition one can stay young and fit well into advanced age.