Jimmy Carlovassi's Story

Ottawa Personal Trainer – Weight Loss Client Success Story

My name is Jimmy Carlovassi, and although I’ve been physically active and exercising ever since I can remember, I never seemed to reach my goals and the body that I wanted. Sitting at 210lbs with 23 to 25% body fat wasn’t what I had in mind when I first started exercising. When I looked around the gym I saw this phenomenon: everyone was training, but only a few looked the part.

I met Ruslan while I was working at the “protein shake bar” in Goodlife Fitness. The job gave me lots of opportunities to observe and chat with the trainers at several of the club’s locations. I could tell Ruslan was one of those guys that you just knew meant business. I saw how he worked with his clients and knew he would be the guy to help me reach my goals. I needed Ruslan’s experience and knowledge, support and motivation to help me reach my personal best. That was the summer of 2006, and it didn’t take long for everyone to notice my transformation.

Under Ruslan’s tutelage, I was dropping body fat like crazy and replacing it with lean muscle. The compliments that I was getting from family and friends were awesome, and my confidence levels shot through the roof. With Ruslan’s guidance in life coaching, nutrition and training I was able to drop close to 28 pounds of fat, my waist size simply shrunk! Since my initial losses, I have been able to maintain my physique on my own and continue to make progress!

Thanks, Ruslan, for your motivation and support. I had a lot of fun working with you, and I’ve learned a great deal. In my books, you are the #1 Fitness Professional in Ottawa!

Jimmy C